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When a Woman Goes to War

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This is great. I just wish it had five thousand more songs so it could last forever. Is this a genre? Tell me it's a genre...

@Windjamm This comment is awesome. You are awesome. And you are in luck because badass ladies mixes are totes a genre. I can recommend at least a dozen mixes if you're interested.

@thejessbeast OH YES! OH PERFECT! THAT SAYS 16 HOURS OF PLAYLIST?! FOR ME?! I'm just so freaking excited, thanks so much

Music is great, but you should label the songs. It's annoying to have to go look up the lyrics and labeling the song means the 8Tracks can find the youtube video for when the mobile app f*cks up.

Thank you for the feedback. I used a lot of songs already uploaded to Soundcloud and I haven't found a way to edit those titles. I have gone through and added an annotation as to what each song is.