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Kicking Down Doors


Growing up being a part of a generation told to think one way and act another, limited by "too much" and "not enough", it can be rough. This playlist consists of some anthem-ic songs to keep you going when the going gets tough.

11 tracks
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This playlist is pure gold, feels good to be reminded that there's a lot of people like us, the rejects and the outcasts. This playlist is our anthem. gotta love it

This is so perfect. I make short little movies with a camcorder (it's kind of a hobby) and my most recent one is sort of a montage of footage set to music about high school the current generation of kids and all the restraints of modern society. It's about all the pressures that are put on us and all the lies we've been told growing up. Anyway, I'm listening to this playlist through the editing process and it's so inspiring. Anthem Part 2 is the first song on the movie. Thank you so much for making this.

@sadlyholmes Thank you so much for commenting that. You've made my entire day. That is 100% the message I was trying to convey with this and I'm really glad you found my playlist inspiring. I am hoping to add to it, as it's a bit short right now but I'm happy you like it thus far. As well, I'd be really interested in seeing some of your shorts if you share them/post them publicly, I dabble with film a bit myself and a montage around that concept sounds awesome. Anyway, thank you so much.