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Nice to meet you, Mr. Tumnus


A playlist inspired by the young Lucy Pevensie, and her extraordinary travels through the Wardrobe.
A collection of instrumental, magical tunes.

18 tracks
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This playlist is literally magic - it's so gorgeous and makes me think of all things magical and I think I'll end up listening to it more times than is strictly not-creepy :D

Thank you so much for this wonderful playlist! Its really helping me get through the tail-end of my workday :)

This mix is getting me through a slow day at work and taking me on adventures through Narnia in my mind. thank you for bringing this beloved world to life for me today with these lovely pieces. God bless you! <3

@TheWishingBone I really do - actually I'm rather a fan of all your playlists - although I find myself coming back to this one and the HP study ones the most:) - thanks for sharing them!! ^^ God bless you!