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mad queen;; cardiac arrest


i have this headcanon that they're just fuck buddies nothing more what they have could never ever be love but outside of the sack they care about each other like she's totally his little sister and they're protective of each other like for a long time they were each other's only allies and the relationship they have it's almost incestuous but it's not it's just totally fucked up and there's betrayal and broken promises along the way AND THESE TWO WERE TOTALLY CANON OKAY

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This is one of the most amazing soundtracks I've ever had the pleasure of stumbling across and for some reason the last few times I've tried listening to it it won't play past the second track. I just wanted to bring it your attention because if it's not just me I hope you're able to fix it. Thank you for creating it! So perfect for Mad Queen. x

@bekksrich hi! sorry it took me forever to respond. thank you for your lovely comment! it's also working perfectly for me so i dont know what's wrong :(