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Unfortunately, I will no longer be uploading playlists on this platform. Reasons:
1. 8tracks has implemented advertising through audio
2. There is no incentive for me to continue to upload playlists as I still have limited listening every week, they do not provide monthly payments but a "6 months payment plan" that charged my card for the entire 6 months and wouldn't process my refund.
3. Their playlist algorithm makes it so I have to hand-import every song title and artist otherwise it won't upload and it has become too tedious when other platforms have their own database of songs. Thank you for your support

I've enjoyed posting playlists on what used to be an amazing platform since May 2013, but sadly this has come to an end as of February 2018

I will continue to upload playlists weekly and monthly with top chill/workout/trap, etc music.

Find me on spotify: Tmmfoy / https://open.spotify.com/user/i16iy2nspgnmygqm2wpnqsoeh?si=K_dWPL_dQvuxgNPQPvxiXQ