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warm, fuzzy feelings ♥


Whether you're with your boo, or you're like me and you're single and lonely as shit today, I hope these songs make you feel good somehow, and give you that nice warm, fuzzy feeling inside (:

50 tracks
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this playlist is so long but in the best way at some point i thought to myself "hot damn, this is a good playlist," thinking i had moved onto the next one, but i checked and it was still this one and i thought, "hot damn this is a GOOD PLAYLIST"

@sad bab awh, thanks a bunch! honestly, I live for comments like this and they remind me of why I love sharing music with other people so much. I'm super happy you enjoyed the playlist and I hope you found a bunch of songs that you dug :D

hey I've been listening to this for so long and I just want to say this is my favorite playlist and it makes me feel great when I hear it so thank you so much

@dillon-m-17164 My absolute pleasure! It's really nice to hear that my song selections are able to help people out like that. Music's an amazing thing like that. I'm glad you enjoy the playlist, and I wish you the best wherever you are!

@gcsmafia I'm glad you enjoy it, and I'm even more happy that I apparently exposed you to some new songs and artists! Sharing music is always a blast. Feel free to search some of these songs up - a few of them are free downloads.