A few of the playlists on 8tracks.com will surprise you. Like most starving artists, most of this work will not be renowned until centuries from now. We did not write the individual songs but we put them together, and the playlist is stronger than the sum of the individual songs it contains.

My target playlist length is usually the length of a CD burn (79:57). This is usually 21 songs give or take.

There are a lot of playlists here. If you like one of mine, and want to know what to listen to next, my favorites from the older ones are: Red, Sweeter Than, Guitar, Easter Candy, Cowboys (actually my first), Feelings, Sexy, Song Train, and Music for Dogs.

Some of the playlists may cover dark or strange topics. I don't advocate anything here, most of my playlists were inspired by news or an event at the time, or simply put together around a specific song I really like.

--Peace, Tones