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7 comments on LUX EX TENEBRIS

I AM NOT OKAY????? Holy shit this was a punch to the gut, repeatedly. It's absolutely perfectly put together but i also kind of hate you for putting the audio of Noct in there? tbh i pulled off my headphones and left my desk to cry in the bathroom (at work)

@Daeris OH MY!! I don't even know how to reply to this, you're so sweet. But omg my mix made someone cry at their work!?! *hugs* I'm sorrry? Your welcome? I don't even know! Thank you so much for listening. I guess, be careful about where you listen to angst in public, huh?! Shoud I label nsfw? XD I feel you though, I cry easily about these things too omg. ❤ ❤

It's only fair that you'd bring the pain after bringing the laughter. This mix is so sad and pretty and just.... urgh. It works so well. The game is hilarious at times, but man, when it wants to hurt you, it goes straight for the soul.

@BleedPeroxide Oh, this comment made me so happy! You comment on almost all the FFXV mixes, so I don't feel like mine is a proper one until you comment, haha. Thank you for the kind words, so glad you liked the music. I agree! This game has the best of both feelings, very powerful. ;__;