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My Dearest Madoka


Everything I am is for yo͕̠̩͇̬̺̰u̟, Madoka.

Ever̵̷̛̪yt͚̲̝̪͜h̴̲͝ing ͏͏͎̘̥͈I have̡̨̙ d̸̸҉̱one is ̻͕͇̞f̗̀ò̤̙͖̜͇̱̮̰͟ŗ̱̰͖͉͚̻͎͡͠ ͏͎̤̺͜͞you̧̕͏̹.̴̼̗
A playlist dedicated to the devil in love and what she's willing to do.

12 tracks
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I'll be honest: you had my attention up until the last fourth of the playlist. Because quite frankly, I'm not one who believes that Homura is just wanting Madoka to herself (If that's how it's meant to come across as anyways). I'm not trying to say that this playlist is bad in general, but rather that it seems to support an interpretation that I personally dislike, that's all. No offense XD. Also I just typed all of this on a whim lol.

@BoyofGlass No worries! I was a little iffy on that song too, but the main focus of it is the whole, "Every day I slip/starting over. You crawl through my skin/and I let you in". It's more focused on the things Homura was willing to do and how much she had become obsessed. But thank you for the comment anyways, I really appreciate it!