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3 comments on 初恋 (HATSUKOI)

is it just me or does the singer of ame no parade (change your mind) sound EXACTLY like the one from the oral cigarettes? (or is it hello sleepwalkers...)

@bscopello i think his voice is definitely a lil softer but i do hear a little resemblance between him and the oral cigarettes vocalist!!! but tbh i think the oral cigarettes vocalist and the hello sleepwalkers vocalists sound similar too!! and they both sing noragami themes lol!

@tsukiishima Okay so something funny happened here, where both of my computers had 8tracks open, and so my current working computer was showing that ame no parade song was 'playing', but it was actually playing through my other computer an oral cigarettes song that i wasn't familiar with and so wasn't sure about. So i was SO CONFUSED because i could swear ame no parade sounded like oral cigarettes. and now i realize it was just a mistake and i probably never heard the ame no parade song in the first place lol. will have to listen to your playlist again :)

@bscopello LOOOL omg!!! that is confusing hahaha. of course you could also look the songs up on youtube if you don't wanna do the whole skips thing again lol ^^

Awesome playlist! I was just wondering how did you get the cinema staff song? I've been wanting to listen to their latest album but don't know where to go :( thanks!!

@flipsz thank you so much!!! i actually torrented it from jpopsuki bc it's not on canadian itunes :( it is on japanese itunes though! if you want to download it, you can google "cinema staff netsugen download" and there are a bunch of results, but i recommend alljpop . co bc it's not as sketchy lol it's a great album!!!!