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Turhan's "An Anatolian Odyssey"


Here is a selection of various styles of Anatolian (Turkey's) music, in various languages: Turkish, Kurdish, Zazaki, Ladino, Albanian, Lazuri, Armenian, and Romeika (Anatolian Greek). Some songs are joyous, some sad, some uplifting. Some might be hard to listen to for starters, but give them a try, and you might end up enjoying them very much...

26 tracks
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@lostlawyer Enjoy your trip! Hope you have the best of time. It might be a bit hard to get, but if you can, take a ferry to Kadikoy, see the fish market, eat at Ciya, one of the best eastern authentic cousine for kababs or home-made foods, grab some sour-cherry chocolate at Baylan and walk to Moda for some coffee, tea and/or hookah.. Have fun! These are the stuff I miss the most! =)

@turhank Thanks for the tips, much appreciated! I will certainly add these to my itinerary. I have a week in Istanbul so I look forward to seeing the must-see tourist sights as well as a slice of everyday Istanbul life. And I can't wait to taste the food and coffee.