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A follow up to Afro-Coolout- a bit of chillness at the top, but heavy on groovier tracks from around the continent. Nations represented: Congo (1, 15), Benin (2), Togo (3), Somalia (4), Ivory Coast (5, 6), Ghana (7, 8, 9), Nigeria (10, 11, 12, 15, 16), Cameroon (14).

16 tracks
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Love the Francis Bebey. Turns out the first high quality synths to reach West Africa were Jimmy Cliff's, left in the Columbia studios when there was a customs dispute and the Nigerian authorities wouldn't let his equipment leave port. The Harder they Come...

Hey Charlie, if you are interested in Franco, you should check out Georges Collinet, who runs Afropop Worldwide in Bklyn. He interviewed Franco in Kinshasa shortly before his death, when he was still at the pinnacle of Rhumba/Lingala/Soukous.