Is this playlist safe for work?


It was 5am and I couldn't sleep so I made a mix about it... This is more of a "feel" playlist, meaning there is no correlation between the lyrics of each song. Just listen.

Here's to all the insomniacs!

11 tracks
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Like this, but love that velvet mix of yours.. But for now this does the trick. Since I can't sleep, Il'l add this right into my vein

Haha, I dig the metaphor. I'm glad you like them. Strangely enough, this knocks me out every time I need to sleep. I don't know why.

ahh, i'm glad you enjoyed it! i agree with you ab the dark but light. i wasn't thinking too much about the tracks at the time; it's nice to see what i put together when i was nearly passed out from sleep deprivation hahahah.