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sleepy snacktime


between the stars
and the bits of candy in my hair
i remember all my dreams and the times we spent together
in lives before

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This Is so great!!! It makes me so happy. As an artist this gives me a reason to draw!!! Thats rare for a playlist to do! Thanks so much~

For a programmer, game developer, gamer and music composer like me this is the best to set me on THE mood. Thanks for uploading!

@anon-10155268126050347 wow thats an impressive list!!! i'm so flattered this is a big help to you! you're so welcome! i hope your projects go well (and that ur game is amazing! i'd love to hear abt it!)

srry to bother u but ur playlists are literally my fav on this whole website?? like evrytime u make a new one i get so happy !!!! tysm for making these and this one is like.. My Ultimate Fave rn . .. i hope you have a good day !!

@nyapsta hi hi!!!! oh wowie thank u oh my gosh??? thats so flattering theres so many good playlists im so flattered!!! so this puts me on cloud 9!!!!! oh my gosh thank u ur literally an angel i hope u do too dear heart!!!! wow oh gosh im really happy thank u so so very much!!!