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People Write Songs About Girls Like You

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Ahhh! :DDD
You're literally the first person I know who also knows The xx. I LOVE their album xx.
I, myself, have a passion for photography so I really like this playlist.

hah, I hope you'd also think I'm amazing when you're not drunk. xD

I really wanted to get a Nikon D3000 or just a Nikon- even if it were a D70, but instead I ended up getting a Sony something..I can't remember what kind it is and I'm feeling too lazy to get it right now.

And on some other playlists I saw that you like This One's For You by Of Mice & Men and I .<"

It cut out some stuff I said! D:
Anyways, I love that song by Of Mice & Men, and also Second and Sebring.
Also the first song on this mix I really like/already know. Made me wonder if you knew Young Blood by the same guys.
(sorry my reply is soo long >.<""" )

canon cameras all the wayyyy btw :P
of course i kno young blood haha i love those guys
sober now xD ur still awesome hah