It year's Comic-Con had started, And, of course, we're not at the close of the horror.
A Pun horribly awaited by all lovers of this genre, if only because the film is still rated R (not for children) and the adult throw can let go even more in horror. And, in It respect, the trailer introduced a few days back suggests that the contract is going to be stuffed.
We Therefore anticipate an even more nightmarish suite, more violent, even darker than the first movie , in short, a feature film that doesn't take his viewer to get a fool rather than reluctant to pull him from his zone. Of relaxation. It is what Jessica Chastain suggestedwhen she looked on the board Specializing in the movie It weekend in Comic-Con, when she spoke about ItChapter 2 for a Carrie in the ball of the devil on steroids. Carrément:
Carrie, Better not be overly mad
" I said that when we wanted to do things, we'd To go all the way, I love horror movies, I love Carrie and so I said you needed to do Carrie on steroids. We did itit was a real torture for me because I didn't think it was going to be similar to that throughout the Entire movie."
A Announcement that may excite greater than one, as far as it makes a small wink to some other terrific classic of Stephen King. That said, one thinks more than she mentions Brian De Palma's movie because of his final bloodbath over for the telekinetic powers of his personality. However, you can't know.
In Be published on our displays on September 18 and, if all works well, it might Become the ultimate adaptation of the Master into the cinema. In any case, That is what we aspire for.
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