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Morning Rhythm


- for those mornings when you want to begin the day with some fun, old and new, groovy tunes! ♡

* 1000+ listeners, thank you so much for listening and liking this playlist! Much love! X

24 tracks
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I'm trying to find a Pandora station that plays music EXACTLY like this, but nothing is quite as upbeat and fun! Lots of slow songs when you make an Amy Winehouse or John Legend station. Any suggestions?

@lineback17 Hi there! Thank you for listening and liking my playlist! Unfortunately I can't listen to music on Pandora because I live in Europe, so I can't help you with that! Besides 8 tracks, maybe you should check out Spotify. You can listen to fun playlists on there as well. For the music, I think you'd like the indie genre as well for the fun upbeat songs! Goodluck! X