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the blood is singing

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For the long march. An army of mirror shards, of splintered ice, of broken arrowheads. Forged into one by the frost of mountain peaks, by the fire of spirit, by the miles of friendship, of courage, of steadfastness. Fear not, for we shall persevere and win and reign.

Photo courtesy of Unhindered by Talent on Flickr, edited to add text.

  • The Imperial March by John Williams
  • Mozart by Turkish March
  • The Rains of Castamere by The National
  • Game Of Thrones intro by cloudofsteam
  • Cello Suite No.1 i-Prelude by Bach
  • You Win or You Die by Karliene
  • Russia National Anthem by Fajar Ary Nugroho
  • China National Anthem by ChinaCountryProject
8 tracks
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