I listen to music. A lot.
Also, sometimes I make sparodic attempts at creative writing, but even then, music is always involved.


I`ve started gradually moving my playlists to playmoss: https://playmoss.com/en/sam-wayward Probably eventually I will only be posting new playlists there, so if you happen to occasionally like some of my stuff, keep that in mind. Also, maybe simply check the site out - it`s proving to be a terrific alternative to 8tracks. It`s free unlimited listening, it allows to make collaborative playlists, you can search for playlists by song, you see the entire tracklist, you can start listening from any song, you can skip however many songs you like, you can play the previous song right away etc, etc, and you don`t have to buy premium to get this benefits, they are for everyone. So maybe check it out.