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3 comments on Skip Year

It was an absolute honor to listen to this playlist and read your thought process on how you crafted this masterpiece. I felt so many emotions and if I didn't adore Shiro before than the things this musical journey made me reflect on about his character sure did the trick. Thank you for sharing this wonderful mix.

This is genuinely such a beautiful and haunting mix - not only do I already love Son Lux and a few of the artists here, but you've introduced me to so many new artists while making a playlist that physically makes my heart ache for Shiro. Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous, dark venture into his psyche.

This is such a unique, interesting mix! Your song choices are SO cool, and i greatly enjoyed this experience. Listening to this actually made me very curious as to your original interpretation; for me the mix has a consistent, underlying feeling of distress or... unease, i guess, and i was wondering if that was intentional, or if you were going for something a little different.

@StarHost This is literally the best comment I’ve ever gotten on a playlist so first of all, THANK YOU. And YES I’m so glad you picked up on the vibe – it was super intentional. I wrote out a really detailed response that doesn't fit here at all so I put it on Tumblr in case you want the whole in-depth dissertation: