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Better Luck Next Time


Broken contracts, professional rivalries, and old flames. Because sometimes you'd rather disappear than be forced to kill someone.

A fanmix for Mass Effect's Urdnot Wrex and Aria T'Loak, my eternally neglected OTP.

Credit for the album cover goes to TheIvoryTowerCrumbles over on Tumblr. http://theivorytowercrumbles.tumblr.com/post/35554518285/

  • No One Believes Me by Big Giant Circles
  • 07 Between Two Points (SPL Remix) by kenos9
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  • Don't Answer Me by DJK featuring Bridget Cross
  • There Once Was A Den Named Chora by Big Giant Circles
  • Frozen by Within Temptation
  • Callista (1998) by Saki Kaskas
  • 05 How Can I Be Sure by Nensy
7 tracks
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