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gradients of a day ☀ / ☽


I tried to design this mix so the first listen-through mirrors the gradual progression of a day from early morning to a hot busy midday to a languid afternoon into late night, and finally back to early dawn! Well, based on my interpretation of each of these times in the day :)

You'll only have this experience once (blame 8tracks shuffling policy), so please enjoy this ephemeral track //shot

intended order of playlist is listed in a comment I posted below!

16 tracks
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i. Balsam
ii. piano
iii. 走馬灯
iv. それが例えば
v. 夏の音
vi. Earphones and a Chorus of Cicadas
vii. bloom
viii. Heart a la mode
ix. 朱色の砂浜
x. Half and Half
xi. ある夕暮れ
xii. 天井
xiii. 静かな空の音は遠く
xiv. 夜のいきもの
xv. 魔法
xvi. 今日はふたりでいよう