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From Gallitan to Cedulan


Themes for the various characters from Laura Hollingsworth's webcomic, "The Silver Eye." Each track is annotated with a character whom it represents. Some of my choices are a bit tongue-in-cheek. :)

13 tracks
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Nice! The Avidan one almost made me cry. :( But Enel's totally improved my mood 130% XD In fact the whole thing is amazing.

I got Chara right (should really relisten to the Enchanted soundtrack because there are some solid songs on there), as well as Noah, Marcus, Idony, and Blue right. Anything You Can Do is perfect, I started grinning wildly at the mental image of Joshua and Bay singing loudly at each other. Also, loved all the little quotes you had, added to the feels. Great playlist!

This was so much fun to listen to, and I love the songs you chose! Some of these made me snicker (Mexican Hat Dance, Anything You Can Do), others gave me feels (Cats in the Cradle, Apna). But all of these fit the characters so, so well! Great job!

@historicalfangirl Hello! I have to tell you, I have really enjoyed some of your Silver Eye picks - especially the titular playlist. Now I cannot hear "Wake Me Up" without thinking of TSE, because of you! :-) The instrumental bridge in particular always seems to me like music for a very dramatic trailer for the "action moments" like the bridge falling, the Capitol crumbling, etc.

@York and Lancaster , To be fair, I snagged that song from the Laura's Enel playlist. But I thought it was fitting for the tone of the first half of Volume One, so I stuck it in my own.