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短暫迷幻 {reverie



Unbroken reverie, that's really all we can hope for, ask for, in these days. It's easier, when you can't see where you're going - there's a lot more faith you put in your own feet, even if you're afraid. In those times, you can only trust, and that trust you can have in yourself - I think that's beautiful.

能在這一刻,放下心裡的不安;就在這幾秒鐘,放空自己; 抬頭忘記腳下的不平衡。在這時刻,勇敢的嘗試,因為只有在迷幻中的自己,才能真正的發出內心。


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1 comment on 短暫迷幻 {reverie

how to enjoy this mix is when it's 2am and you can't sleep put this gorgeous mix on and let it wash away you day as you gaze out at the rain filled night. uttererly amazing how relazin this mix is at those times