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Caffeinated Creativity


For those mornings (or late nights) where you're sipping your coffee and know you're supposed to be awake and productive, but need the extra boost to wake your brain up and get moving,..whether that be to work, the gym, or even just a question of getting yourself in a moving state of mind.

A mix feel of positivity and wakefulness.

9 tracks
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The only 8tracks playlist that I keep repeating. Nuff said. Please make some more like this, zar zar!

Zar-Zar, you are my hero for putting up this music! :D I'm currently working on my first book and it helps me so much to stay motived and in the work flow! Thank you so much! <3

Mearadelia, that is AWESOME! I'm so flaterred and excited about being able to help you stay motivated :) Keep focused! Let me know when your book hits the shelves ;)

I will! It's about enthusing other people to make their dream come true, too. I've build a website around it where I want to put some motivational music, so I think I'm gonna promote your playlist there too! (:

Thanks a lot, guys! Glad you love the mix :)
If you have any suggestions for additions etc, let me know!
Keep on the creativity <3