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The smell of wet dog fills your nose, and the crisp air bites at your fingers as you walk through muddy streets to get to your inn. Your home for the night is filled with many travelers and locals alike, and the music is calm compared to that of Orlais or Antiva. The stories of the Wardens are entertaining to be sure, but you find yourself more interested in the stories of mabari war hounds and their inspiring loyalty. Perhaps during your travels you'll find one to accompany you.

8 tracks
3 comments on Ferelden

Your concept and understanding of the universe of Thedas is marvelous 0_0 have you a list of the actual names of the songs, though? I can't find them on YouTube, and I'd like to listen to them on repeat instead of waiting an hour for the playlist to reply :) thank you!

Your music of Thedas is fantastic. You definitely have a knack of understanding the fundamentals of each country and their people.

Though I admit, wish they were a bit longer! Thanks for sharing though!