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Dark Gravity - A Mix For A Demon and His Darkling


Dark gravity-like a pair of suns burning in empty space. Circling each other locked forever in a dance to raucous chorus only they can hear-slow, inexorable, dangerous, immense, irresistible, terrifying, and so very, very hot. Sisyphean struggles, forever built and torn apart by tidal forces.

A Mix for all those bad decisions you can never manage to regret properly.

The story of bored demon finding something new...and the mortal fae who has found whole new wonderland to be forever Lost in.

21 tracks
1 comment on Dark Gravity - A Mix For A Demon and His Darkling

@Vishiro Thanks! Yes, it is - though the storyline this covers is an AU RP that branches off at a later point of an original series I'm working on. :) I've been slowly picking away at making more mixes covering more of the ground in the connected stories and the characters in them, too.

@Vishiro Oh! And I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier!!! I was meaning to all week but didn't have a chance to until now!