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 lament, gri̢ef͞, d̨e͞s͟pai̵r ͢
officialshizuo officialshizuo
A fanmix for Akemi Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
March 22, 2015  lament, gri̢ef͞, d̨e͞s͟pai̵r ͢
time traveler
selesta selesta
9   28min (10 tracks)
March 19, 2015 time traveler
you can (not) redo
erianthe erianthe
you ruined something beautiful now swallow it cover art source: http://paksoflife.
February 13, 2014 you can (not) redo
look who's digging their own grave
prussian prussian
Homura Akemi mix with hints of MadoHomu thrown in Source: http://www.
March 27, 2014 look who's digging their own grave
Lost in Time
winkwonkt1ckt0ck winkwonkt1ckt0ck
77   42min (12 tracks)
A story about a broken record, a broken girl, the funeral procession of rewound lives behind her.
January 17, 2015 Lost in Time
love like clockwork
mizunooverflow mizunooverflow
if only we could have spent some more TIME together -------- (fanmix for crossover ship Akemi Homura X Dave Strider because TIME TRAVEL, largely insp...
December 14, 2013 love like clockwork
l'amour ou la luxure
sakurakyoukos sakurakyoukos
The life and times of Madoka Kaname's disciple, from the first timeline through to Rebellion.
March 08, 2015 l'amour ou la luxure
we were born sick.
hinatakun hinatakun
88   19min (9 tracks)
but i love it.
January 27, 2015 we were born sick.