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lioningold lioningold
400   43min (12 tracks)
legend has it.
March 06, 2015 Have you heard the story?
keante.joe keante.joe
376   32min (9 tracks)
Music from SlyFoxHound Has a creatures playlist on his page go listen to it and songs from BrotherBlake .
February 12, 2014 The Creatures SlyFox Mix
rosewing rosewing
496   32min (8 tracks)
a dark mix for the creatures, for that feeling of being watched, and what lurks in the darkness of the woods of beacon hills .
August 19, 2013 hearing d a m a g e
pandemonio pandemonio
2,039   56min (18 tracks)
It seemed like a good idea at the time, the immortality, the eternal youth.
August 21, 2013 dead man walking
benjaminlinus benjaminlinus
698   1hr 50min (22 tracks)
"For Dracula and all those other vampires I have loved.
October 19, 2014 biting down
Miaaky Miaaky
427   2hr 10min (35 tracks)
This is a mix made for the Book Beautiful Creatures.
April 13, 2013 Fan Mix • Beautiful Creatures
theirins theirins
800   38min (12 tracks)
"We will rise, and we will be your downfall.
July 03, 2013 Kingdoms On Fire
thedevilyouknow thedevilyouknow
499   38min (11 tracks)
werewolf inspired mix.
September 04, 2013 bad moon rising
orionsdaughter orionsdaughter
533   57min (14 tracks)
Lurking in the dark forests and deep oceans, creatures reach out with haunting voices, seducing those unfortunate enough to hear their melodies.
September 01, 2014 Taste of Poison
mshibata mshibata
5   55min (21 tracks)
Tunes that have names of creatures in their titles.
March 18, 2015 Weekly Mix #12: Creatures Make a Noise
chvmpns chvmpns
498   31min (8 tracks)
For the monsters of myth and legend; the creatures who hide in the shadows of rotting buildings, those who crave destruction and blood, and the beings ...
January 19, 2014 we are the monsters
quartzrose quartzrose
235   44min (12 tracks)
i have ridden comet tails, in search of magic rings, to conjure mythical kings .
January 05, 2014 creatures of the unknown