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New Religion
PatRiciAnale PatRiciAnale
9   1hr 17min (19 tracks)
Nineteen tracks including music by Chance The Rapper, Chet Faker, and Doja Cat.
January 19, 2015 New Religion
pyre pyre
Eighteen tracks including music by Rheostatics Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley.
January 16, 2015 Mellow
Sing Me a Story
VandenBoogie VandenBoogie
4   35min (16 tracks)
As a vocalist and composer, there is much nowadays by which to be inspired by.
January 13, 2015 Sing Me a Story
Something Else, Some Other Time
antichthon antichthon
7   (10 tracks)
Feeling some type of way (or something).
January 06, 2015 Something Else, Some Other Time
Kota Kinabalu
tseumy tseumy
4   1hr 16min (73 tracks)
December 15, 2014 Kota Kinabalu
Fluttershy's Mix
lxnavarro23 lxnavarro23
Sixteen tracks including music by Jack Johnson, Bright Eyes, and Christina Perri.
December 13, 2014 Fluttershy's Mix
Incandescent Clatter
chanelm23 chanelm23
Some of my favourite songs that get very little to no radio play.
November 20, 2014 Incandescent Clatter
Do you feel (good)?
breath breath
100   (8 tracks)
mellow music for mellow moods.
November 11, 2014 Do you feel (good)?
enthusejots enthusejots
9   1min (10 tracks)
"my boyhood was 'see spot run'.
November 08, 2014 Posthuman
Cooking Favorites
ripcurl7 ripcurl7
223   51min (15 tracks)
These are the songs that I seem to listen to the most when I am cooking.
September 06, 2014 Cooking Favorites
September is very far away
Lazer-Guided Lazer-Guided
18   1hr 14min (17 tracks)
Beach, cave hikes, boba, swatting mosquitoes on porch, friends coming over at 1 AM and your parents don't know [photo lifted from cubagallery on Flick...
July 20, 2014 September is very far away