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Marcel's Mixtape of Romantic Attraction
sabraa sabraa
5,624   32min (11 tracks)
A collection of geeky love songs because Marcel makes my heart go doki doki also, the point of this is to imagine Marcel giving this to you with shaky...
July 27, 2013 Marcel's Mixtape of Romantic Attraction
Great fresh geeky tunes
fanchik fanchik
911   16min (10 tracks)
Some of the best OST of recent indie games.
February 18, 2013 Great fresh geeky tunes
talk nerdy to me
starhanie starhanie
321   2min (10 tracks)
A mix of parodies and original songs from The Warp Zone, Smosh and others.
September 14, 2014 talk nerdy to me
A Geek's Life
csomordaniel csomordaniel
2,062   30min (15 tracks)
Your daily geeky dose ;) PS: It's my first mix, please comment if you have an opinion about it, so I can make this better.
January 17, 2014 A Geek's Life
here we go!
fiveyearmission fiveyearmission
630   22min (8 tracks)
video games can lead to some pretty great songs.
May 25, 2011 here we go!
alithe.cambree alithe.cambree
470   30min (14 tracks)
A Spencer Reid fanmix.
November 07, 2014 IQ187
The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth
jratcliff319 jratcliff319
1,786   (16 tracks)
My favorite theme songs.
March 29, 2012 The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth
Nerding Out (Soundtracks)
learn-of-those learn-of-those
just a small handful of some of my favorite soundtrack pieces from video games and nerdy movies.
November 11, 2013 Nerding Out (Soundtracks)
For the love of the twins.
sleepnthegardn sleepnthegardn
265   (13 tracks)
Marcel and Harry are in love with the same girl.
November 02, 2013 For the love of the twins.
Tales Untold
georgia_jane georgia_jane
65   1hr 13min (19 tracks)
Nineteen tracks including music by Adam Admodum Ingenium, AshlynNight9, and Death-by-hiddlesbatch.
July 25, 2014 Tales Untold
White & Nerdy
rhapsodyinalto rhapsodyinalto
761   11min (21 tracks)
Anthems for all us underdogs.
October 25, 2012 White & Nerdy
Your father was a lizard! Your mother was an A-bomb!
ghoulnextdoor ghoulnextdoor
1,476   29min (21 tracks)
Nyah nyah, nyah nyah nyah.
May 22, 2012 Your father was a lizard! Your mother was an A-bomb!