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Roadtrip with Him
caitymcguigan caitymcguigan
28   38min (11 tracks)
roadtrips and love songs and chill beats.
March 23, 2015 Roadtrip with Him
Girl Pop WEST
avonlear avonlear
394   37min (18 tracks)
this music is literally me personified because all i want to listen to is boy/girl bands.
March 01, 2015 Girl Pop WEST
bro there's this one surfer girl, she's like...
RBkook RBkook
492   32min (32 tracks)
My thoughts about surfer girls.
February 28, 2015 bro there's this one surfer girl, she's like...
katieeatspizza katieeatspizza
16,539   (13 tracks)
My lifting/running/swimming playlist.
February 18, 2015 Workoutt
lady listens
madisonryan18 madisonryan18
1,143   33min (11 tracks)
songs sung by girls for girls xx.
January 27, 2015 lady listens
jordana bevan jordana bevan
69   47min (17 tracks)
J u n e Detrás de aquella mirada inocente y aquella sonrisa serena descansaba el más temido de los demonios.
March 22, 2015 June
About A Girl
will-wears-suspenders will-wears-suspenders
27   34min (10 tracks)
A mix of songs which make me think of someone.
March 22, 2015 About A Girl
Move your body with your eyes closed
tenilley tenilley
77   48min (12 tracks)
Dance slow, fast, your call - move that body .
March 24, 2015 Move your body with your eyes closed
luxemadeby-me luxemadeby-me
52   51min (15 tracks)
we need to bring the girls power pic: from tumblr.
her songs
nadhiranajma nadhiranajma
36   1hr 3min (16 tracks)
A mixtape for all the girls out there who wish someone would sing these songs for them.
March 28, 2015 her songs
Space Girl
girldreamz girldreamz
5   34min (10 tracks)
March 19, 2015 Space Girl
crykitten crykitten
220   33min (9 tracks)
"don’t trust the first boy that tells you he loves you when you’re having a hard time loving yourself.
January 31, 2015 angel-play.✶.*