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Tripppy3's Ultimate Hard Trance pt. 2: Travis wants to be Korean
tripppy3 tripppy3
100   1hr 42min (21 tracks)
It's come to my attention that my friend Travis is the only one of my friends who appreciates hard trance as much as I do, so I decided to make pt.
October 02, 2014 Tripppy3's Ultimate Hard Trance pt. 2: Travis wants to be Korean
shanenshots shanenshots
45   46min (8 tracks)
One track including music by Josh Lang.
August 08, 2014 H.A.R.D.S.T.Y.L.E
Touhou Hazard Trance
Vhen Vhen
330   1hr 12min (14 tracks)
Hazardously High-Energy - with some normal trance and hardstyle mixed in as well.
July 20, 2014 Touhou Hazard Trance
gorethrasher's June 2009 mix
gorethrasher gorethrasher
157   18min (8 tracks)
Eight tracks including music by Arnej, Doppler Effect and Richard Durand.
June 01, 2009 gorethrasher's June 2009 mix
Kimbo Slice
kyleshockey kyleshockey
108   12min (9 tracks)
It hits hard, like Kimbo Slice.
December 19, 2011 Kimbo Slice
Laser Pointer
bloncs bloncs
231   53min (8 tracks)
Blast your subwoofer.
October 14, 2011 Laser Pointer
Kiran's 90's Hard Trance Mixtape 1
kiranpatil kiranpatil
48   50min (8 tracks)
Hard trance developed in mainland Europe during the mid-90's.
March 20, 2014 Kiran's 90's Hard Trance Mixtape 1
A dead astronaut in space
lagabogasega lagabogasega
19   36min (8 tracks)
When I was younger, I used to enjoy listening this.
December 08, 2013 A dead astronaut in space
Go HARD! Or go HOME!
Shelly_roXas Shelly_roXas
357   52min (10 tracks)
Ten mind blowing, fist pumping, feet stomping, HARD as fuck tracks including music by Akira Sun, Catatonic Overload and Crypsis and Kold Konexion.
March 08, 2011 Go HARD! Or go HOME!
Justdon'tletyourfeetstop. Dansu! Dansu! Dansu!
starshinesMonet starshinesMonet
Inspired by one of my favourite Murakami novels.
June 27, 2013 Justdon'tletyourfeetstop. Dansu! Dansu! Dansu!
Chief Hard Dance 1
ChiefG ChiefG
1,567   23min (8 tracks)
The chiefest hard dance around!!.
November 07, 2012 Chief Hard Dance 1