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we can disappear
capaldicity capaldicity
62   32min (8 tracks)
FOR ALL THE HIDEKANE FEELS after the finale of root a.
March 28, 2015 we can disappear
Let's go home.
Music5based Music5based
19   39min (9 tracks)
A playlist for two sad boys.
March 26, 2015 Let's go home.
hidekane \\
kanekiswife kanekiswife
17   36min (9 tracks)
very emotional hidekane playlist for your otp needs.
March 28, 2015 hidekane \\
drekkii drekkii
17   44min (12 tracks)
A HideKane fanmix to help recover from the Root A finale ;_; Mix of uplifting and sad .
March 29, 2015 Sunshine
for brother will slaughter brother {king au}
gavichal gavichal
650   30min (16 tracks)
AU where our beloved rival kings were once friends, but as the years grew longer, betrayal bloomed and friendship twisted.
February 22, 2014 for brother will slaughter brother {king au}
MaryJane found Molly
KraZikins KraZikins
3,496   1hr 42min (22 tracks)
crazy kids these days seem to appreciate the company of MaryJane and in light of such they have gone out into the world and found Molly.
May 04, 2013 MaryJane found Molly
Jrock & Jpop
OhhhCrowley OhhhCrowley
564   1hr 10min (21 tracks)
The music I loved so much growing up and that influenced me throughout my teens.
November 07, 2013 Jrock & Jpop
volleyball playlist
ernmeyers ernmeyers
9,456   (14 tracks)
Pregame songs .
September 10, 2014 volleyball playlist
Wide Eye Gaze
carefree-pursuit carefree-pursuit
Completely Random Mix Thirty-five tracks including music by Agape, Andrew Gavin Williams, and Antonio Vivaldi.
December 31, 2014 Wide Eye Gaze
filthy ass dubstep, part three
nkcmr nkcmr
237   36min (8 tracks)
round three, with the freshest dubstep! prepare for the wrath of bass!.
October 31, 2011 filthy ass dubstep, part three
The playlist you will want at your party
hhayleywils hhayleywils
857   (50 tracks)
Turn the volume up.
November 01, 2014 The playlist you will want at your party
bertholdtt bertholdtt
111   33min (21 tracks)
dedicated to the girls of battle royale.
December 16, 2014 「女の子」