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HolbrookHill HolbrookHill
856   31min (8 tracks)
For the hopeless(-ly asexual) romantic.
March 14, 2014 +we exist+
stylesfthemmings stylesfthemmings
56   43min (12 tracks)
Cause i just wanna hold your hand and tell you how much i love you.
March 21, 2015 I'm not even a whisper in your thoughts yet you're the screaming in mine.
buildingbalconies buildingbalconies
44   36min (10 tracks)
to sungkyung.
March 21, 2015 partners in crime
unaecorn unaecorn
45   1hr 0min (18 tracks)
cloud nine noun, Informal.
March 14, 2015 here comes the feeling you thought you'd forgotten
prettybones prettybones
734   57min (15 tracks)
November 03, 2012 It doesn't matter if the world don't know our names
brighterdiscontent brighterdiscontent
2,798   30min (13 tracks)
some days you just need to sit down with a cup of tea and pretend that men still kiss your hand, women wear petticoats, everyone plays the pianoforte, ...
January 26, 2012 the secret life of daydreams
ToriRoo ToriRoo
4,055   (10 tracks)
For those days when you're just a hopeless romantic.
October 12, 2013 Kiss Me, Like You Wanna Be Loved♥
introvert + SAD introvert + SAD
98   (8 tracks)
this book broke my heart.
September 19, 2013 the fault in our stars
RandyCunningham RandyCunningham
6,879   (13 tracks)
for the hopeless romantics like me who love a person composed of the stars, nature itself, and the little beauties of the world.
June 25, 2014 butterfly kisses
trinnylikesdrinkingtea trinnylikesdrinkingtea
The kind of songs you'd like playing in the background of your very own romantic fairytale.
December 29, 2012 Some Kind of Wonderful
Special_Sauce Special_Sauce
811   2hr 18min (42 tracks)
cute/ nerdy and somewhat awkward songs about having a crush or being in love.
January 18, 2012 I sorta kinda think that maybe I really like you
cutepenguin1 cutepenguin1
5,239   (15 tracks)
she couldn't save herself.
November 08, 2014 //Cloud 9//