Mash up + party

mash it up III
thevaccines thevaccines
15,728   13min (9 tracks)
vol 3!! featuring Mashup Germany, DJ Earworm, Robin Skouteris and a little surprise as the last track.
December 08, 2013 mash it up III
Monster Mash-Up
T.B.T. T.B.T.
4,338   18min (13 tracks)
Mash-Ups and a Few Remixes.
July 18, 2013 Monster Mash-Up
lovely pop mashups ☼
nothinglikeus nothinglikeus
20,052   43min (13 tracks)
15 different tracks of the best 2012/2013 songs mashed up together ❤.
June 05, 2013 lovely pop mashups ☼
mash it up IV
thevaccines thevaccines
2,252   45min (14 tracks)
hella part 1: http://8tracks.
June 16, 2014 mash it up IV
Social Disease
SlytherinsAngel SlytherinsAngel
3,373   2hr 10min (23 tracks)
"Pretty girls in pretty dresses, partying until dawn.
October 26, 2014 Social Disease
Songs at cool parties.
#musictellsmystory #musictellsmystory
18,288   (25 tracks)
You know when you're really drunk at a party and dont exactly know anyone sober enough to figure out what song is playing? Then you try and get some ly...
October 21, 2013 Songs at cool parties.
Milk is for Babies
nimbex nimbex
1,578   2hr 14min (28 tracks)
Selection of >30 mash ups ranging from some Funk to The Beatles, James Brown, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, SHM, Adele, Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, Radiohe...
May 17, 2013 Milk is for Babies
1990s (the remix)
inqenue inqenue
2,726   1hr 12min (21 tracks)
90s classics and theme songs covered, remixed, and mash-uped for the next generation ~ picture credit: http://www.
March 30, 2014 1990s (the remix)
Work Hard, Play Harder
ahart3 ahart3
12,504   2hr 48min (45 tracks)
Fourty-five tracks including music by 3LAU, Rihanna, and Calvin Harris.
October 07, 2011 Work Hard, Play Harder
MASHUPS. because modern science permits it.
QuiltedNorthern QuiltedNorthern
1,545   (21 tracks)
Twenty-one tracks of the finest hand selected quality mashups of our time! Best designed for mashup tea parties, regular mashup parties, or if you...
October 26, 2011 MASHUPS. because modern science permits it.
get your ass up, it's summer time
vanessabasquez vanessabasquez
12,110   49min (12 tracks)
hi everyone, are you as excited as me that it's summer time? i'm done with my freshman year of college, and i'm ready for a crazy, hectic, carefree, ex...
May 15, 2013 get your ass up, it's summer time
One more Summer Playlist, please.
Duncan.R Duncan.R
1,020   (16 tracks)
"It sounds like the plot of a B-grade American movie: mum and dad go away on holiday and their teenage son throws a party for 500 people in the backyar...
April 10, 2012 One more Summer Playlist, please.