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morningmusician morningmusician
60   25min (12 tracks)
{ableist lang, fire, drugs, death, violence} a self-indulgent mix for the best dresser that died like a dog.
April 05, 2015 no greater motivation than revenge
rosiewosie rosiewosie
20   53min (15 tracks)
a mix for doing whatever it takes to prove yourself, because second place is never enough.
March 29, 2015 runner-up
gallowsCalibrator gallowsCalibrator
1   19min (9 tracks)
indulgence is a virtue // warnings: nsfw, slurs maybe??, idek // (very lovely) art: http://mizzmello.
April 24, 2015 fuck me, im a celebrity
theoncomingheichou theoncomingheichou
7   26min (8 tracks)
i don't even know tbh it's pop garbage and actual L sings the first song tumblr: ghoulon.
April 19, 2015 princess and the popstar au
meIIo meIIo
136   27min (8 tracks)
i dont know about yall but i read a manga and let me tell you portraying mello as a moody trigger happy cis dude is fundamentally incorrect and quite f...
February 21, 2015 BITCHCRAFT
liight.yagami liight.yagami
19   25min (8 tracks)
March 31, 2015 People are POISON
AtzeNico AtzeNico
755   (29 tracks)
January 30, 2015 workflow für die Atzen
gallowsCalibrator gallowsCalibrator
224   1hr 2min (23 tracks)
oh, love, what have you gotten yourself into? warning: nsfw, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, incest ment.
February 16, 2015 you are the son of a motherfucker
meIIo meIIo
39   31min (11 tracks)
March 28, 2015 xX_DiVa_Xx
amaimon amaimon
124   (6 tracks)
& he's deadweight, burnt to the core and cornered by walls of his past.
December 28, 2014 pray
iophobiccyanide iophobiccyanide
230   38min (15 tracks)
a fanmix for tha bae.
February 24, 2015 D E M O N S
amaimon amaimon
227   30min (9 tracks)
sorrow weighs my shoulders down & trouble haunts my mind but tomorrow will be kinder.
September 21, 2014 this pride of mine