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contact light
choleral choleral
459   4hr 2min (64 tracks)
this is a cool mix of new age vaporwave tunes and slow classical melodies.
January 17, 2015 contact light
an-nie an-nie
19,325   7min (18 tracks)
An instrumental mix compiled of electronic music, mainly the chillwave variety - calming and upbeat melodies, sometimes with a little spice to keep you...
November 01, 2013 exhale
Moths are Like Butterflies Only Uglier
emiliepond emiliepond
November 20, 2014 Moths are Like Butterflies Only Uglier
summer; the ultimate chill mix.
saraxsaurusrex saraxsaurusrex
because who doesn't love the weather and relaxation that summer brings? Nine tracks including music by Jinja Safari, MOTHS, and Menomena.
July 29, 2011 summer; the ultimate chill mix.
Bear Toons Bear Toons
7,956   4min (26 tracks)
Exam time is crunch time.
May 07, 2011 Studying
Tripping on a Moment
AcousticAstronaut AcousticAstronaut
1,132   (32 tracks)
Relax and let you mind wander into a beautiful place.
May 01, 2012 Tripping on a Moment
Electro Beats
bridgethgap bridgethgap
562   (26 tracks)
Twenty-six tracks including music by Pretty Lights, Baths, and Star Slinger.
May 01, 2012 Electro Beats
Dazed and Blazed
@_lomac_ @_lomac_
6,575   19min (15 tracks)
Listening to this playlist up high.
July 01, 2013 Dazed and Blazed
Whickety Whack Vol. 3
Amy's_LackingDaisies7 Amy's_LackingDaisies7
458   1hr 23min (40 tracks)
Props to Jenn Im (clothesencounters on YouTube) for sharing such a wicked taste in music.
April 06, 2014 Whickety Whack Vol. 3
Universe of noise
rihab.e rihab.e
2,437   (16 tracks)
In outpace, the perception of sound differ of ours, Drown us in those electric vibe, and fill our mind with a divine virus .
January 04, 2013 Universe of noise
djgueorguieva djgueorguieva
First time tossing sounds together into a chill mix with a variety of beats ranging from XXYYXX to Dream Koalas.
February 28, 2013 Tempoco