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Study Accompaniment #1/?
yochopin yochopin
172   1hr 35min (27 tracks)
an instrumental playlist for studies, or for relaxing, or mornings, or really, anything .
February 20, 2015 Study Accompaniment #1/?
Time and Patience
JumpOnMyShoulders JumpOnMyShoulders
4,473   14min (15 tracks)
"Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.
February 19, 2015 Time and Patience
knowingknock knowingknock
519   30min (8 tracks)
Some people have lives; some people have music!!! Where words leave off, music begins!!! We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams !!!...
February 08, 2015 Dreamcatcher...<3
ekinsmusics ekinsmusics
71   38min (12 tracks)
soundtracks from movies.
February 01, 2015 studying
Movies Are Better Than Real Life
annaa237 annaa237
209   1hr 30min (18 tracks)
Some of my favorite soundtracks including Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and others.
December 21, 2014 Movies Are Better Than Real Life
FT9esmivida FT9esmivida
13   56min (14 tracks)
My A levels have started for over 20 days now, these are some of the music that really helped me concentrate :).
November 21, 2014 StuDYYYYY
Robin Williams
ElNuevoDeval ElNuevoDeval
1,309   35min (11 tracks)
RIP Robin Williams.
August 12, 2014 Robin Williams
Dream away on a rainy day
RosemaryScott RosemaryScott
43   1hr 32min (27 tracks)
Music for rainy days, when all you want to do is crawl beneath a blanket and have a mug of hot tea.
July 02, 2014 Dream away on a rainy day
Relax, listen to the movie
odsolis odsolis
878   1hr 27min (27 tracks)
Songs from movies far and wide.
August 22, 2012 Relax, listen to the movie
My Kind of Study Music
50   50min (8 tracks)
Taken from some movies.
January 04, 2014 My Kind of Study Music
ℱrℴm ℳℴvi℮'₰
FaitAccompli FaitAccompli
110   1hr 26min (23 tracks)
A Side From Music.
July 01, 2013 ℱrℴm ℳℴvi℮'₰
my favorite soundtrack songs
carolsche carolsche
425   49min (12 tracks)
Amelie Poulain, The Hobbit, Schindler's List etc.
January 30, 2013 my favorite soundtrack songs