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Prokofiev & Tchaikovsky
heyjohnmichaelhao heyjohnmichaelhao
492   15min (8 tracks)
Some Prokofiev, some Tchaikovsky, some Bach, all the best.
February 07, 2015 Prokofiev & Tchaikovsky
Untamed Classical Music - VOL.1
papazianalexy-453 papazianalexy-453
The first half of the most beautiful written classical music.
March 04, 2015 Untamed Classical Music - VOL.1
Dorkcat Dorkcat
8,359   43min (16 tracks)
*Definition* Berceuse: a lullaby; a song used to put someone to sleep.
January 16, 2014 Berceuse
Epic Classical Pieces
Bgus22 Bgus22
3,858   (22 tracks)
Need inspiration at 4 a.
December 01, 2013 Epic Classical Pieces
100% Trombone
magom2 magom2
149   1hr 47min (19 tracks)
November 21, 2013 100% Trombone
Badass Classical
braysl-march braysl-march
1,472   49min (10 tracks)
Classical music can be pretty badass! Eight tracks including music by Amadeus Mozart, Antonin Dvorak, and Prokofiev .
October 04, 2011 Badass Classical
Asilin Asilin
An ode to the musical geniuses of yesterday.
August 20, 2014 Classical
Conquer with Classical
sconesnthrones sconesnthrones
285   18min (8 tracks)
Classical pieces and soundtracks that will be stuck in your head but maybe help get you motivated to do some work.
November 30, 2011 Conquer with Classical
Through Me To Everlasting Pain You Go
moontopmountain moontopmountain
1,159   4hr 39min (33 tracks)
A monumental mix of dark and epic classical music based on Dante's Inferno from The Divine Comedy to accompany you in your journey through the circles ...
October 08, 2013 Through Me To Everlasting Pain You Go
Ballet Compilation 3
Forest Fox Forest Fox
1,777   28min (8 tracks)
"The ballet is a purely female thing; it is a woman, a garden of beautiful flowers, and man is the gardener.
August 21, 2013 Ballet Compilation 3
Konzert no. 4: The Lost Shards
annie-wyatt annie-wyatt
231   34min (13 tracks)
A mix for the lost melodies and suites heard in Princess Tutu.
August 23, 2013 Konzert no. 4: The Lost Shards
Russian Ballet
darkwoods darkwoods
1,665   38min (10 tracks)
warning: there is way too much Prokofiev in this mix and that is just because he is simply amazing.
April 15, 2014 Russian Ballet