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I'm sad, so fuck it.
purplelungs purplelungs
3,416   (20 tracks)
since the moment you were born, crying has been a sign of life.
January 22, 2015 I'm sad, so fuck it.
humidities humidities
7,348   (11 tracks)
plug in your earphones .
December 15, 2014 chill
Therapy; Part IV: The Relief.
sideswept sideswept
396   (11 tracks)
Because sometimes things can get a little brighter.
December 20, 2013 Therapy; Part IV: The Relief.
moafs moafs
49   3min (2 tracks)
The worst is over, and you can breathe.
March 13, 2015 Smile!
Sometimes the best thing to do is cry
erinleigh erinleigh
309   (17 tracks)
A collection of songs that help you cry out your feelings.
February 18, 2012 Sometimes the best thing to do is cry
you were sad in the most poetic way
allxnnah allxnnah
393   1hr 5min (22 tracks)
but darling, you've got to believe me when i say that there are more people to meet & more people to see & landscapes to travel to & oh god, i know it'...
February 04, 2015 you were sad in the most poetic way
NZ Music
Greg Saganite Greg Saganite
Since it's music month here in NZ.
May 01, 2013 NZ Music
Drift Away
dearlaney dearlaney
10,252   5min (8 tracks)
Music to take the stress away.
January 18, 2013 Drift Away
fuckingthorin fuckingthorin
380   20min (16 tracks)
a mix for old ends and new times, new beginnings and all you can feel is the sluggish pulse of blood through your finger tips.
February 08, 2014 momentum
indaluna indaluna
386   45min (12 tracks)
Twelve tracks to make you a little less flustered and a little more serene, including music by The Who, Beethoven and Björk.
May 08, 2011 un-Stress
Let It Go
sweeteahayes sweeteahayes
607   (9 tracks)
just another playlist on my phone.
January 08, 2014 Let It Go
carleestaples carleestaples
7   1hr 9min (17 tracks)
It is damned difficult not to feel any thing.
February 28, 2015 Teardrops