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Bring the Heat
dattie dattie
163   12min (8 tracks)
you're a weapon you shouldnt lust you shouldnt want and you sure as hell shouldnt love so what the fuck are you doing?.
April 06, 2015 Bring the Heat
fuck me rough.
bileocean bileocean
84   48min (9 tracks)
Not gonna listen to Gravity anymore.
April 19, 2015 fuck me rough.
Wolpertinger Wolpertinger
842   (25 tracks)
February 19, 2015 Depravity
make me bleed
anniebrackett anniebrackett
44   50min (15 tracks)
"Life is too short to pretend you don't like getting choked".
April 19, 2015 make me bleed
Better than 50 Shades
Parables Parables
2,324   36min (16 tracks)
The 50 Shades soundtrack sucks.
February 27, 2015 Better than 50 Shades
You're my favorite kind of night.
julla.nguyen julla.nguyen
2,752   27min (8 tracks)
Fuck me hard.
March 07, 2015 You're my favorite kind of night.
all yours
har0lds har0lds
449   39min (11 tracks)
"pinned her up against the wall cause she's a masterpiece" // i think about having sex with luke more than i probably should .
February 26, 2015 all yours
I want you to touch me.
lucifrs lucifrs
1,068   28min (7 tracks)
Harry Styles is an emotion and this came out.
August 02, 2013 I want you to touch me.
pull my hair
glue-for-brains glue-for-brains
714   21min (8 tracks)
yes I am a hopeless bottom .
December 08, 2014 pull my hair
i'm dying to let you win
justjasper justjasper
230   36min (10 tracks)
a playlist for rough sex between enthusiastic participants reblog on tumblr: http://justjasper.
March 10, 2015 i'm dying to let you win