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so sticky with the dew
dominiquepratt dominiquepratt
933   (13 tracks)
mary jane thoughts.
March 02, 2015 so sticky with the dew
swagga swagga
spooky black & more.
February 21, 2015 broke
snufflechops snufflechops
9   (8 tracks)
music i listen to while smoking.
February 12, 2015 dark
come smoke & chill with me
katieheartslife katieheartslife
a perfect relaxed playlist for just smoking and chilling with friends :-).
February 04, 2015 come smoke & chill with me
your stoner girl
lauraboonie lauraboonie
23   (16 tracks)
playlist to get high to.
December 04, 2014 your stoner girl
camel filters
pastillas pastillas
33   18min (9 tracks)
a companion mix for your next cigarette break includes music from The Ocean Blue, Arlo Guthrie and The Sundays.
November 20, 2014 camel filters
Winter magic
1,950   (16 tracks)
Some songs worth listening with a drink in your hand and a nice view.
November 07, 2014 Winter magic
Feel Good Music
jadastar123 jadastar123
2,044   (9 tracks)
I got nothing to say.
October 13, 2014 Feel Good Music
Cigarettes on Cigarettes.
pastelblack pastelblack
945   10min (9 tracks)
Songs about burning lungs and ignited lives.
October 12, 2014 Cigarettes on Cigarettes.
you wanna be high for this
claudszs claudszs
2,057   1hr 21min (27 tracks)
fresh new shit; chill ass rap.
September 22, 2014 you wanna be high for this
Gay Memes Express
prodigy-ofangst prodigy-ofangst
25   (11 tracks)
Welcome to Gay memes express here is where you come to get your daily memes jk no seriously though, this playlist is really good for when you just ...
September 09, 2014 Gay Memes Express
morganrocks001 morganrocks001
502   23min (18 tracks)
Smoke weed, eat yogurt .
August 27, 2014 Trees