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* आरज़ू  *
draconiand3v1l draconiand3v1l
147   56min (15 tracks)
इक वो दौर था जब ख्वाहिशें हज़ारों थी! पर तुम्हे जानने की आरज़ू में सब पिघल गयीं! Some soft songs from not-so-well-known Indian bands and artists.
March 24, 2015 * आरज़ू  *
lookingformina lookingformina
52   2hr 7min (22 tracks)
The title is from a very famous poem by Faiz.
March 24, 2015 Dasht-e-Tanhai
A World of Her Own
girlfuture girlfuture
523   34min (30 tracks)
cover ©: http://issuu.
February 16, 2015 A World of Her Own
bellajadewych bellajadewych
32   13min (8 tracks)
i just really like the idea of leaving this place.
March 18, 2015 runaway
deep dark blue
nipidol nipidol
302   1hr 8min (20 tracks)
Cover art / In the safest place by Srdce http://srdce.
February 13, 2015 deep dark blue
the cruelest irony [aka Life ]
ferreuscelo ferreuscelo
A fanmix about Hannibal Lecter: his fears, his solitude, his secret wishes, his pain.
February 17, 2015 the cruelest irony [aka Life ]
gardenia, lily gardenia, lily
187   32min (10 tracks)
gloomy afternoons, fresh cut roses and silk robes.
February 18, 2015 seulement
the frangipani tree.
honey-dew honey-dew
1,887   59min (11 tracks)
“She naturally loved solitary places, vast views, and to feel herself for ever and ever and ever alone.
June 11, 2013 the frangipani tree.
Tread softly on my solitude
tulika.v tulika.v
A playlist for when all you need is you.
March 11, 2015 Tread softly on my solitude
unique piece
ponyboy52 ponyboy52
55   53min (10 tracks)
March 02, 2015 unique piece
Relax and Chill
vividprabhjot vividprabhjot
1,064   41min (10 tracks)
Music for moments when you just want to lie back on the couch and chill.
November 19, 2013 Relax and Chill
ninjawhee ninjawhee
1,153   38min (12 tracks)
The world's your oyster, Don't be scared now.
January 20, 2015 Breathe.