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Art of Finding New Music
hannahdagosta hannahdagosta
1,677   25min (20 tracks)
Some current tunes I'm loving.
March 14, 2015 Art of Finding New Music
Blurry thoughts
53   26min (11 tracks)
This is a total mess.
March 27, 2015 Blurry thoughts
virginpunk virginpunk
600   (19 tracks)
this is really random but those are some of the songs (and artists) i've been listening a lot lately and i hope you discover some great tunes.
March 01, 2015 headphones
I Was Blind
lannyloch lannyloch
358   (14 tracks)
some tunes i've been really jamming to recently // starring fka twigs, hozier and alt-J (cover art by keith haring duh).
February 24, 2015 I Was Blind
shower tunes doe
izabelcoco izabelcoco
22   1hr 22min (23 tracks)
the shower tunes u never knew u needed.
March 25, 2015 shower tunes doe
I miss you, come back.
lovely_sunfl0wer lovely_sunfl0wer
82   (15 tracks)
Cute songs that remind me of different people :).
February 21, 2015 I miss you, come back.
he's a scumbag don't you know?
marbearflair marbearflair
4   25min (9 tracks)
a playlist for a character of mine <3 scumbagsparrow.
March 27, 2015 he's a scumbag don't you know?
I Know Places
secondhand smoke secondhand smoke
80   (17 tracks)
Just some tunes i'm enjoyin lots right about now and hope you do too :-).
February 26, 2015 I Know Places
KatieWhitcombe KatieWhitcombe
26   1hr 1min (15 tracks)
Mix of tracks to help you chill out.
March 25, 2015 Chill☀
thatnowherechick thatnowherechick
73   34min (10 tracks)
To show my gratitude for 700 followers, I made this playlist of groovy tunes! I hope you like it! .
March 16, 2015 :)
Disco Disco Disco
FrictionalHeroes FrictionalHeroes
481   1hr 10min (8 tracks)
as described in title.
January 31, 2015 Disco Disco Disco
jillthe1975 jillthe1975
17   46min (14 tracks)
listen to these in an art gallery and get kicked out .
March 20, 2015 tunes