on September 20, 2016

For many of you, the sun is setting on summer vacation and school is back in session. Those of us for whom summer vacation is a distant memory have no sympathy for you, but we can appreciate that going back to school can sometimes be a bummer.

Until you get back and you remember how f*$&ing awesome it is to learn stuff. Yeah, I know, school’s lame and your teachers are old and blah blah blah but just think for like two seconds about immortal jellyfish or that planet they found that’s basically made of diamonds or any number of crazy things you can learn in school and just let your mind get blown.

We know that that's all it took to get you motivated about school, but what about all of the poor souls out there who still can't be convinced that learning is rad? That conveniently brings us to the entire point of this message. There's nothing to get people pumped about knowledge quite like a good study playlist, so we're asking that you put your mix-making skills to the test and make a Back to School playlist!

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  • Feel free to use one of these graphics as cover art for your playlist.

  • Publish your playlist by October 15 to be officially entered into our ongoing #back8tracks contest.

  • Winners -- as determined by the number of likes (so be sure to share your playlist!) -- will receive 8tracks swag, a free 8tracks+ subscription, or a permanent hall pass.

Go forth and do great things!