Create a playlist on 8tracks

It’s free, it’s fun, and it could make you famous.

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Pick a sweet cover image for your playlist — you can use .jpg, .png, or hook your account up directly with your Instagram. If you're an 8tracks plus member, you can even use a .gif and just go crazy with it.

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Add at least 8 tracks (see what we did there?). You can grab them directly from your computer, search for them on SoundCloud, or look for them in the 8tracks library.

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Give your playlist a title and description that’ll show listeners your creativity and the spirit of your playlist. Then add genre, mood, or activity tags so people can find it and be forever changed by it.

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Share your beautiful creation with the whole world — or at least as much of the world as you can reach using your Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest account.