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you shouldn't be your own enemy


The world is crashing down around you.
Get yourself out of the situation into an open space.
Sit down. Put in your headphones. Close your eyes.

I want to be one of those people who can "dance like nobody's watching".
I want to be outgoing and have more than two friends.
I want to go out all the time and meet new people and have them love my attitude.
But I can't, and I really doubt I will ever be able to because I have this thing in my head, telling me over and over how I'm not good enough.

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Thank you for this playlist. My pulse was 120 and I was on my way to a full blown panic attack. Now after 4 songs I am breathing in and out without an elephant on my chest. Namaste.

thank you luv, this is fantastic. I needed something to wheel me in when I was disassociating at work, and this did the trick to fill in all of the cracks and keep me grounded.