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Study With Accompaniment II


Whether you need to study for exams, read for pleasure, or just relax after a long and tiring day, let music comfort and share the experience with you.

Cover art: Old Library in The Hague, Netherlands.

Part I:

Part III:

Part IV:

57 tracks
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thank you. thank you so much to help to find inspiration .this Playlist helped me every hour I sirens drawing in my bedroom. since three years this is the only one who can help me to find the peace and help my brain to focus on my draw. please keep going to creat more Playlist like this one ! :)

I love this playlist! it's an absolute necessity for when I'm studying. but I noticed that The Forrest Gump Suite (by Alan Silvestri) always skips around weirdly near the end. is that normal, or is it just my computer maybe?

@Kazzerr 1) I'm really glad you're enjoying it and it's helping you with studying :) 2) Thank you for pointing out the track skipping, it actually wasn't just your computer as it happened on mine as well. From what I understand, 8tracks sometimes tries to switch tracks with tracks from Soundcloud to comply with regulations and sometimes the tracks are a bit different, etc. Anywho, it's fixed now :)