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The Beautiful Side of EDM


My birthday was a couple days ago, and I heard the most beautiful song (track 1). These songs my not be party-worthy, but they are slowed down to really concentrate on the vocals and emotion. Such songs remind me of why I love EDM in the first place. These types of songs can be downright gorgeous, whether a vocalist releases her own single or notable DJ remixes a popular song. I thought I would be remiss not to share some of my favorites with you guys. Hope you like it.

*Each of these artists/vocalists has EDM connections
*Comments are appreciated

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Hey Samuel, 8tracks forbid users from putting soundcloud songs within our playlists. Since a ton of my songs were from soundcloud, a lot of my playlists got deleted. I'm super pissed about it, and believe 8tracks made a terrible decision, but what canya do?? I will be posting some playlists in the future and if you want the songs on my deleted playlists let me know!